A Day to Remember...Walkathon and Family Day Fair 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Walkathon Bulletin: The final episode

CPC Walkathon Bulletin #7
July 25, 2008
By Interns at the Central Office of the Chinese-American Planning Council
150 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012

The Walkathon is tomorrow!

(1) This is it! We've been preparing for months to make tomorrow as much fun for everyone as possible-- now you just need to show up. Please, if you are reading this e-mail, be at Columbus Park tomorrow at 10 am.

(2) As if you needed any more incentive: tomorrow's program is filled with interesting guests and fun activities. We have several city officials slated to attend, including two borough presidents, a congresswoman, and (drumroll please) Grand Marshal John Liu. More than that, the New Jersey Nets will have a table at the Family Day Fair. If you want tickets to see their new star, Yi Jianlian, this may be your chance.

(3) It's official: the weather tomorrow will be beautiful. (In case you are wondering, the chance of any sort of precipitation is 20%-- so it may be a good idea to show up).

(4) Bring water! We'll have water for everyone, but remember, it's a long walk. Grab a Poland Spring on your way out.

(5) Our thanks to all of our volunteers, who have put in the hours to make tomorrow the best Walkathon ever. We couldn't have done it without you.

(6) See you tomorrow at 10!

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